Your Health First
Your Health First

Are you gearing up for the upcoming festive season? Or planning for different diet or meal to get a great body? If yes then this is for you.

Most of us believe in quick weight loss, which in fact doesn’t really exist. In the process of losing weight, women often end up making mistakes like eating too less and not working out properly but expecting quick results.

However concentrating on your balanced diet is the most essential in order to stay fit. A proper diet along with right exercise can do the wonder if only is practiced on a regular basis.

Talking about a balanced diet, an adult woman requires 2000 kcal Energy per day including; Protein: 50g, Carbohydrates: 260g, Sugar: 90g, Fat: 70g, Saturates: 20g, Salt: 6g. A balanced diet should include fresh vegetable and fruits, beans and pulses, lean meat, fish and dairy like milk, paneer, curd, and others. Especially milk is a must have for one wants to shade off those extra kilos.

Milk has essentials like Vitamin D and calcium. A calcium-rich diet including milk is required for every woman to avoid the after 30 ailments like low bone density causing Osteoporosis and other health issues. It has been shown that a high intake of Vitamin D and Calcium may reduce the effects of PMS.

Also studies suggest that if you need to lose weight, minimum two servings of fat free or low-fat milk could help you lose more weight than just cutting calories alone. Calcium deficiency results in the release of parathyroid hormone which is released into the bloodstream to maintain the balance. But this hormone also triggers fat production. With the adequate level of calcium, combined with physical workouts, obesity can be prevented.

Here's a fitness guide for the busy women who are too tied up with their multiple responsibilities:

1. Healthy Breakfast

Out of all the three-time meals, breakfast is the most important which should be rich in fiber, protein, calcium, vitamins, and glucose as it provides energy for the entire day, fulfilling the requirements of the body.

2. Replacing Fast/Junk food with Healthy Snacks

Very important to maintain a fit body as it will affect your exercise routine and immune system.

3. A Scheduled Work-out Plan

Select your favourite mode of exercising from walking, jogging, swimming, cardio or even dancing which will help burning of calories and interesting at the same time. It is advised that women should exercise for at least three hours in a week to reach their fitness goal.

4. Keep your body hydrated

When we exercise, we lose a lot of sweat for which we need to hydrate ourselves to keep maintain the fluid proportion in our body. According to experts drinking water in regular intervals will help avoid dehydration and having a glass of milk post exercise nourishes your overall system.

How milk acts as a post-workout drink, let’s find out:

·         Milk post resistance exercise promotes greater gains in muscle and losses in body fat than other sport drinks.

·         Milk contains carbs, protein, calcium, whey, fat electrolytes and nutrients, a mixture of all the essential stuff required for your body to rehydrate.

·         While working out, several minerals like sodium, chloride, and potassium can be lost in your sweat. Milk rehydrates and replenishes the fluid and electrolytes lost from your body.

·         Milk is an effective post-exercise rehydration aid.

·         Drinking milk may help get rid of that excess weight.

So ladies this festive season stay fit, feel good, and look your best with proper exercise and diet. Build a good habit and drink up your share of dairy goodness every day without a miss!